BaumGardens provides services to Residential, Commercial and Public clients in and around the New Orleans area.

We would LOVE to work with you to....

Improve the Biological Value of your Landscape

It is becoming very clear that our landscapes should be providing much needed ecological services instead of being static, if not harmful, to the environment by way of the chemical and fossil fuel inputs often required to care for them. Whether it is rainwater management, pollinator plantings or wildlife habitat and food, existing landscapes can be improved and made more beneficial within the framework of the existing footprint. It can start as simply as adding some butterfly and moth host plants, or plants that birds can nest in or eat seeds and berries from, plants that provide pollen and nectar for insects, or incorporating any variety of native plants that provide all of the above. You have to start somewhere! Consult with us on how to start the evolution of your landscaping into something that interacts positively with the enviroment and not against it. It's a whole new dimension of your landscape!

Create and Install New Landscaping

We can also meet with you to determine the specific needs for ANY new landscape. We design and install from basic, low-maintenance landscapes to ALL SORTS of special interest plantings.